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09/01/02 - Oh That Derek and His Rocking (Part 3)
Another five CD summary in the series that many say "Rocks The Casbah"!

08/30/02 - Oh That Derek and His Rocking (Part 2)
Part Duex. The sequel. A treat for the fans of the first 'cuz the explanations are longer this time around! If you weren't a fan you can use this time to scream in horror, but click anyways!

08/28/02 - Jordan Recomends
Jordan's column about stuff he likes. Picks for a good video rental, a good thing to check out at the local cinema, and a nice CD to buy at the ol' record shop!

08/26/02 - Oh That Derek and His Rocking (Part 1)
The first of a series of articles presenting an in-depth look at Derek's "Derek Rocks" CDs

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George W. Bush declared president elect, which if true means death for us all.

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