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The Craft
R | August 26, 2002 | Jon Brophy

Well, first I must mention the importance of this movie to our website. The name Minole was taken from The Craft. The Craft is a fun horror type movie to make fun of with a friend (and Derek and I are the best at it!) Anyway, on to the review!

The Craft opens with a young teenage girl moving into a crumbling horror movie type mansion in Los Angeles. Where one would ever find such a place in L.A. remains a mystery. The mansion just serves as atmosphere. It sets a pattern for this movie. Many of the scenes exist only in their own terms.

Anyway, the teenager, named Sarah (Robin Tunney), decides to go to school even though she doesn't have her uniform yet. Her stepmother drops her off at a Catholic high school in a posh section of Los Angeles. In the high school, we meet three other teenage girls: Nancy (Fairuza Balk), Bonnie (Neve Campbell) and Rochelle (Rachel True). They are witches. Nancy takes notice of Sarah’s actions one day in French class. Sarah is bored and starts balancing a pencil with her mind power. Nancy says that “the fourth is arriving.” Although most people would think witches came in threes, not in this movie. They need one for each of the points on the compass. A boy in the class named Chris (Skeet Ulrich) is mean to Sarah and calls her names, but soon she will have him under her spell, and Chris won't be graduating with the rest of his class.

The girls are not very popular at all in their school. They are known as “The Bitches of Eastwick.” It seems strange that no one likes them since they have messy hair, black lipstick, piercings everywhere, wear leather dog collars, smoke a lot, and sneer at everyone.

Sarah is the nice girl of the group, but eventually gets sick of being treated in an unfriendly manner. She is soon recruited by the other girls, who do have magical powers. They soon use their powers to get even. Rochelle, who is black, makes one of the other girl’s hair fall out because she made racial comments towards her. “I just don’t like Negroids,” the girl said.

Although all four actresses do a good job of playing typical teenagers, this movie lacks imagination - and is hard to take seriously. The four girls have amazing powers but use them only to get even on fellow classmates. This movie tries too hard to be a horror movie when it might have done better as a comedy about punk teenagers.


Sarah: Robin Tunney
Nancy: Fairuza Balk
Bonnie: Neve Campbell
Rochelle: Rachel True
Chris: Skeet Ulrich
Laura Lizzie: Christine Taylor
Mitt: Breckin Meyer
Trey: Nathaniel Marston
Directed by Andrew Fleming. Produced by Douglas Wick. Written by Peter Filardi and Fleming. Photographed by Alexander Gruszynski. Edited by Jeff Freeman. Music by Graeme Revell.

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