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Qoutes Submitted:
Hey Joey! Here's my cool quote for you ---> "I'm -Joey and I'm lucky enough to be the same age as Emily White (the coolest girl in the world) for two whole days!"
~Em W
-Jon B is cooler than Emily
~Jon B
-you dont burn out by going too fast you burn out by going to slow and getting bored
-i'm not deaf im just ignoring you
-if you dont like my driving stay off the sidewalk
-I have not failed, i just have found 10,000 ways that dont work
-never interupt your enemy when he is making a mistake
-beautiule people are accidents
-learn form the mistakes of others, you cant make all of them yourself
~Ashley F
-Show up for bingo next friday and recieve a package of free instant gravy
-Shannon McD. is cooler than Jon B.
- Smoke Pot
~Tom D