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DerekDerek: Designed the site, watches "mucho" TV, lots of cartoons, "Dereako" is online a lot, plays golf and tennis, and is very loud.
JonJon: The coolest man on the planet. Jon enjoys playing football and running track at Winthrop High. A true computer junkie, Jon spends hours surfin the net and programming. Other hobbies include watching movies (writing movie reviews), working out, and hangin' with people. Fav Music: Classic Rock

Regular Contributors:
BillBill: Often called "The best thing since Ricky Martin" Bill burst onto the scene in 1985 and since then he has accomplished much in the ways of bad and crude art forms. He is currently sentenced to two more years of boarding school at Holderness School in New Hampshire, where he is the single member of the Bill Irwin fan club and is mediocre at everything he does.

Dana Dana goes to Mount Blue High School but is friends mostly with the Winthrop crowd. She's known for her amazingly small size (no no, a LITTLE bigger than 8 inches... the picture lies) and singing talent (the vocalist and the DANA part of the best band ever Jordana. Jordan is the other half) She likes to write bitchy songs and poems, be offensive, and think about Jesus ... in a sexual way (slutty buddy!). Like Jon and Derek most of her time is spent online (penguingrl0) talking to Jon and Derek and of course... Byl.

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This just in: WE LANDED ON THE MOON!

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"We don't necessarily discriminate. We simply exclude certain types of people."
-Colonel Gerald Wellman, ROTC instructor

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Petro's Porn Crib
Its actually a Limp Bizkit site of one of our friends.

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